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General Discussion / Re: Teamspeak
« Last post by beneidemthepilot on October 29, 2017, 21:42 »
Hi Walter,

Our Teamspeak address is "". If you did not type "ts" before our domain then it will not connect properly.

Domain names are generally case insensitive, and should not matter if letters are capitalized or not.

If you continue to have problems, please do not hesitate to send me a PM here on the forums, or write an email to Please include the exact error messages you receive in your email or PM.
General Discussion / Teamspeak
« Last post by waltsingpilot on October 29, 2017, 08:23 »
Hello there from Perth, Western Australia,

I have recently joined and I am working things out as I go along. I have used teamspeak before and I am familiar with how it works but when I tried to input our details nothing happened and I did not get taken to the correct connection. I did try capitals at Seattle and Virtual and lower case but to no avail, any ideas as to what I must be doing wrong?

Kind regards,

Walter John Houston.
i am coming from vienna, and yeah i am flying more than one year an i love it...
I hope that this is very good and make fun.

Hi Blackeven, Welcome! I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply.
Here at Seattle vATC we're dedicated to providing a realistic simulation and to promote aviation education. However we'll be focusing specifically around the Seattle area, in the northwestern part of the United States, and using FAA procedures which may differ from those of other countries. If you're looking for an austrian ATC service, then we are unable to provide that, however if you just want to learn more about aviation, and fly with real world professionals and simulation enthusiasts alike, then this is the place for you!

Every Saturday, from 2200 - 0400 UTC, we'll be hosting an online event, and is the best time to meet people from the community. Unfortunately, this time is designed to accommodate members from the Americas, and will be midnight until 6:00 local time in Vienna (GMT +2) (if my conversion is correct).

I'm looking forward to seeing you online! I hope the time difference isn't too much to handle.
General Discussion / Re: Welcome FlightSimCon Attendees and New Members!
« Last post by Blackeven on September 03, 2017, 12:19 »
i am coming from vienna, and yeah i am flying more than one year an i love it...
I hope that this is very good and make fun.
General Discussion / Re: Upcoming Videos!
« Last post by JasonGar on August 31, 2017, 09:00 »
Maybe a video on how to connect to the server? Teamspeak and joinFS?

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Yep that would be helpful.
Events / Saturday Night Events
« Last post by beneidemthepilot on August 13, 2017, 13:14 »
Join us every Saturday night from 3-9PM Pacific Time (6pm to midnight Eastern).

We'll have guaranteed presence on the teamspeak server. Group flights, pilot and ATC training sessions, and other events will occur. Feel free to hang out, ask questions, and fly in our multiplayer server!
General Discussion / Welcome FlightSimCon Attendees and New Members!
« Last post by ChrisB on June 14, 2017, 04:31 »
SvATC had a ton of fun at FlightSimCon over the weekend and we are very excited to have you as a part of the community!

Consider this your introduction to the group, say Hi down below! We'd love to know where you're from, how much Flight Sim and Virtual ATC experience you have, and what you expect from SvATC. Some members are real-world pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, and some of us are just doing this for the thrill of flying and controlling. We'd love to know your expectations for us. Please also include a time that's open for you and we can meet up on the TeamSpeak server. Please make sure you download Teamspeak, set up your microphone and speakers, and connect to!
Events / New Events Website!
« Last post by beneidemthepilot on June 05, 2017, 03:59 »
Just in time for Flight Sim Con 2017, we finally launched our new Events Website!

As of right now, you may go to to view all the upcoming activities throughout the Seattle Virtual ATC community! We'll build in more functionality soon such as an event archive.

It is designed to be a quick reference tool allowing people to stay up to date with SvATC, and to view details about our activities. Simply click on one of the event tiles to view more details!

This website is also MOBILE FRIENDLY!  ;D ;D
If you have any feedback on it, please email with your comments or suggestions.
We'll start editing the main website to be more versatile and visually appealing after SimCon, hopefully to be completed by the end of the summer.

Hope you guys enjoy!

- Ben
Aero Talk / Pilot training at a higher level
« Last post by mattyIce on June 03, 2017, 21:34 »
From the editor:
     The following article was written by a member of Seattle Virtual ATC who is currently taking a break from the community while he pursues pilot training with the U.S. Air Force. I had asked him to write about his experiences in training. He describes that real-world pilot training is a rigorous and continuous process of learning.

Study, Study, study some more, and then continue to study. I caught the aviation bug when I was 10 years old and that was all she wrote. I knew I wanted to fly as a career and potentially serve my country at the same time. I immersed myself in some junior military programs while in high school and then went the ROTC route in college. I attended an Aeronautical University and pursued a professional pilot degree. I was fortunate enough to receive a pilot slot and a commission upon graduation.

Pilot training in the military is meant to be stressful and will incrementally continue to be more stressful by design. The academic phase involves several tests a week with sometimes one day of preparation. You must build a proper foundation of knowledge before you reach the airplane. Still learning!
Group Flights / MOVED: "Pack the Pattern"
« Last post by beneidemthepilot on May 01, 2017, 17:54 »
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