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Web Server Migration
« on: February 20, 2017, 21:41 »
It's now Monday, February 20th, 2017. For the past week I've been transferring all of the website data from our previous hosting provider to our new one. I updated the domain name servers last night, so everybody should be redirected to the new server within the next few hours.

Before I go into details, PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS THAT YOU SEE. You can send me a private message through the forums, or send an email to
The only known bug at the moment is with icons in moodle, which is low on the priority list.

What has changed?
To the end user, everything should look very familiar, however we've changed a ton of stuff under the hood

1) No more subdomains
The moodle and forums websites are now located as a subdirectory of the main website. So using the forums as an example, the files used to be located at, however they are now at This small change is a detail which helps to better organize the website as a whole. The subdomains still work, and will now redirect you to the new website.

2) Email Authentication
If you have an SvATC email address, the email system on the new server is slightly different than on the old server. Contact me if you need help setting up your email.

3) Security
The new hosting provider also has built-in security. If you use google or apple products for your internet browsers, then you've probably started seeing security warnings when viewing certain websites. Users of the SvATC website shouldn't be experiencing this much longer with the addition of affordable encryption protocols.

Why the change?
The biggest reason for the change comes down to cost and support. For the past year we've been hosted by a long time flight simulation friend who runs his own "reseller" program. It's similar to an internet grocery store, where the store buys food from the distributer, and the end user buys it from the store, now, SvATC is getting our website hosting straight from the distributer with no middle man.
This allows increased functionality, increased support, all for a lower price. For the year of 2017, we are paying half of what we would have paid had we not switched. In February 2018 our hosting subscription will increase by 20%, which is still about 30% cheaper than what we paid for 2016.

Also, under the new hosting provider, we have the ability to host more websites for lower prices. This will allow SvATC to host websites for partnered flight simulation organizations for very low rates in the future, should this need arise.
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