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Pilot training at a higher level

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Pilot training at a higher level
« on: June 03, 2017, 21:34 »
From the editor:
     The following article was written by a member of Seattle Virtual ATC who is currently taking a break from the community while he pursues pilot training with the U.S. Air Force. I had asked him to write about his experiences in training. He describes that real-world pilot training is a rigorous and continuous process of learning.

Study, Study, study some more, and then continue to study. I caught the aviation bug when I was 10 years old and that was all she wrote. I knew I wanted to fly as a career and potentially serve my country at the same time. I immersed myself in some junior military programs while in high school and then went the ROTC route in college. I attended an Aeronautical University and pursued a professional pilot degree. I was fortunate enough to receive a pilot slot and a commission upon graduation.

Pilot training in the military is meant to be stressful and will incrementally continue to be more stressful by design. The academic phase involves several tests a week with sometimes one day of preparation. You must build a proper foundation of knowledge before you reach the airplane. Still learning!
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