Seattle Virtual Air Traffic Control

SvATC is working with the EasternHops community in order to increase membership and realism in both communities

This multi-player group founded in 2007 is the only community of virtual aviators to have a 10+ year history. They too, are an independent organization not connected with the large networks.

The CEO of EasternHops and the administrators of Seattle Virtual ATC have been partners for over 6 years, working together on cross community events, live demonstrations at FlightSimCon, and promoting fun and excellence through multi-player simulation.

Easternhops will re-open registration in January 2018

Please enjoy the holidays. Make sure to register with Eastern Hops. I hope to see you on their TeamSpeak server!

A fun sense of realism in flight simulation

SvATC News

Development of a Flight Operations website, including flight planning, ATC coordination, and administrative tools is underway.

Getting Started

Getting started with SvATC is really easy. Here are some simple steps.

  1. Register on our website (click the "register" link above).
  2. Install and connect to our TeamSpeak voice communication server.
  3. Install and connect to the Seattle vATC JoinFS multi-player server.

That's really all it takes! Here's a short video if you need help

What is Seattle vATC?

Founded March 1st, 2016, we are an independent flight simulation community with two primary goals.

  1. Provide a realistic multilayer simulation, and
  2. Promote aviation education.

Our members range from aviation enthusiasts to aviation professionals. Our real world pilots are happy to share their knowledge. Our ATC training curriculum is the most comprehensive program on flight simulation.

Because we focus on quality over quantity, our relatively small organization has made a noticeable impact within the simulation industry.

Because we are an independent organization, we aren't tied up by administrative policies of the larger networks which consistently hinder realism. Our focus on this specific airspace also contributes to increased quality.

How does it work?


VOICE: Our members talk to each other using TeamSpeak3, a voice communication program, similar to Discord. Connect at

FLIGHT: Pilots and controllers connect to our JoinFS hub server. This allows members to fly together on-line, and for ATC to track aircraft on radar.


TRAINING: From a YouTube video series, to one-on-one lectures and an on-line classroom, we aim to raise the bar for realistic, fun, and professional training.

ADAPTABILITY: We welcome all aviators into our community, from those just starting out, to those already finished with their career. We're sure you'll be fascinated with what the Seattle airspace has to offer.

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