Welcome to Seattle Virtual ATC!
A fun sense of realism in flight simulation.

About Seattle Virtual ATC

Seattle Virtual ATC (SVATC) was founded in March 2016 by a group of real world pilots and flight simulation enthusiasts with the ultimate goals of providing a multiplayer server for our members, hosting realistic simulation, and promoting aviation education.

Seattle Virtual ATC is home to many real world pilots and aviation enthusiasts both young and old. We have a spot in our community for just about everybody. Experienced aviators are encouraged to use SVATC as a training/currency tool to stay current on procedures, or try something new when you're not flying in the real world. New pilots can take advantage of one of our realistic training programs. Although we are not an approved flight school, the experiences gained here can help transition you into a fantastic aviator if you do begin your real world flight training. Without flight simulator, many of our members and founders would never have pursued their pilot certificate.

The three SVATC founders each have several years as administrators of other FSX multiplayer groups. They created SVATC as a way to practice their real world skills, and help others get involved in aviation. Despite being a relatively new community, the SVATC founders have taken what they've learned from past flight sim and real world experiences and compiled it all to create the SVATC community. SVATC continues to grow and evolve with our members and developers with the goal of making the most realistic flight server out there. That being said, there's still room for fun flying, aerobatics, formation flight, and other maneuvers. If you choose to partake in this activity, we simply ask that you steer clear of non-participating traffic and follow basic aviation regulations.

Further increasing the potential of the community is the first formal Safety Management System for flight simulation. This program, designed to replicate the safety department of today's airlines, has been tested in other communites and has shown great potential. Data collected from this program so far is remarkably similar to real world statistics. With the development of new connection software, we also plan to use flight tracks of aircraft operating in the server to analyse any potential "risks" in our operations, aimed at improving the quality of the pilots and partnered Virtual Airlines, and to train ATC personell by analysing vector patterns and delay statistics.

To learn more about Seattle Virtual ATC administration, please visit the Staff page. To become a member of the community, please click "register" on the sidebar. If you would like to begin your Air Traffic Control training, please navigate to the ATC webpage. For other inquiries, please contact info@seattlevirtualatc.org.