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Welcome to the 7th Cross Community Flight!

Hosted by EasternHops and Seattle Virtual ATC

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

3:00PM EDT; 1900 UTC

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Join us as we travel westbound throuhout the Pacific NorthWest

Invited Communities
Connection Information
DateSaturday, September 3rd, 2016
Event Start3:00PM Eastern (1900 UTC) show up early for fun!
Flight SimFSX Steam Multiplayer
Session NameEHops Community Flight 7
Event Passwordccf7
AircraftBeechcraft King Air
Start PointKMSO - Missoula Intl. Airport
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General Information

Flight Route

This trip will start in Missoula, Montana, and end up in Seattle, Washington, with intermediate stopovers in Spokane, and Pasco (Tri-Cities)

The first two legs will be uncontrolled, consisting of a large group flight of Beechcraft King Air's. The default version is recommended for server-load purposes, however some addons may be permitted.

The final leg from Pasco to Seattle will be controlled by ATC on departure and arrival. Once in cruise, pilots are free to do what they want under Visual Flight Rules. We will also be accepting IFR flights.

Please veiw the full briefing document for detailed information

About CCF

The Cross Community Flight has generally been held once or twice per year, allowing members of different flight simulation communities to interact with one another.

Members are encouraged to make new friends, and have fun flying their aircraft in an event larger than any single community could offer individually.

The last CCF, hosted by Boston Virtual ATC (before their merger with VatSim) was the first flight with ATC service. Some people complained they were too strict, while others really enjoyed it.

This 7th Cross Community Flight will again feature Air Traffic Control, and has been thoughtfully designed to try to accomodate members of all experience levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is invited?

Everybody is welcome to join. Our official invitation includes members from EasternHops, Seattle Virtual ATC, MS Flights, Boston Virtual ARTCC, Fly Virtual, and Elite PremAir Virtual.

What is the expected attendance?

CCF's in the past have ranged from 50 to 100+ people. We've even had to open up secondary multiplayer servers because there were so many people! We are anticipating similar attendance as past events. Join members from all over flight simulation in a massive group flight and meet and greet.

Am I required to talk to ATC?

Yes, but only on departure from PSC and arrival to SEA, on the primary server. If we open up a second server, those wishing to fly uncontrolled may connect there. Aircraft wishing to remain uncontrolled may land at a satellite airport, and then fly over after everybody else is on the ground at SEA. ATC communication will be through Teamspeak. Please email atc@seattlevirtualatc.org with questions.

Are formation flights allowed?

Yes. Please keep your formation within 1/2 mile and 50ft altitude. Expect to perform an overhead break at SEA, or land two-by-two. Only the lead aircraft need to be in contact with ATC, so you can fly into SEA without a microphone, in formation. Please email atc@seattlevirtualatc.org with questions.

How long is the event?

We are anticipating the entire event to be less than 4 hours, with approximately 1 hour 15 minutes per hop (45 minutes in cruise). You may also connect 30-45 minutes before event start to socialize.

What simulator platform?

We will be utilizing an FSX Steam Edition server hosted by Eastern Hops. This was chosen due to the platform's wide user base and its built in connection system. This way we don't have to install other connection software.

What aircraft are authorized?

All participants should use a Beechcraft King Air. The default version is recommended, however addon versions may be used if they substitute to the default on multiplayer, and do not flood the server.

I don't have updated scenery!

Free airport updates can be found online from sites like Simviation.com or Flightsim.com and can be installed in just a few minutes or less. You may still participate if you don't have the "third runway" at KSEA, however you may experience some delays on arrival. Do not land on the wrong runway. Tell ATC if you do not see three runways at KSEA. Use caution, do not land on Taxiway Tango; near collisions have occurred in the real world.

Full Briefing

Please read the full briefing document prior to the event to aid in the smooth execution of the event. We will also be explaining the basics along the way. Any questions can be directed towards your community administration, or to support@seattlevirtualatc.org.