SvATC Events

About the Events Team

The events team at Seattle Virtual ATC works hard to keep our community fun, interactive, and educational.

This page provides a brief overview of the team and what they do.

We coordinate multi-player group flights with ATC staffing, large/group training scenarios, partnerships with other simulation communities, and occasionally have guest speakers in our Teamspeak server.

The events team also coordinates with FlightSimCon staff every year to confirm our attendance at the largest simulation conference in North America, if not the world.

If you have any ideas for new events, questions for the team, or would like to join our events team, please contact us live on Teamspeak, or email

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About the Events Website

The SvATC events website was created as a way to increase awareness of group flights, large training sessions, and other pre-coordinated activities within the SvATC community. As we expect the Events website to experience higher traffic, we wanted to design it with mobile devices in mind to create a versatile, and visually pleasing experience. Over the next year, we plan on re-designing the main website to be mobile friendly as well.

Events will be posted on this website before they are publicly announced anywhere else, so keep coming back to stay up to date with the Seattle Virtual ATC community!