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Recent Updates

Another Website Upgrade 12 Aug, 2017

You might have noticed the new landing page. This layout will eventually be seen throughout our site.

Welcome New Members Event - 24 June 2017

Two weeks after FlightSimCon, we're hosting an event on Saturday night welcoming new members to the community.

You can view more details on our Events Website. Also view and reply on our forum post welcoming new members.

New Video Series - 21 June 2017

We just released the first part of a new video series designed to help new members get started in the community!

FlightSimCon - 10-11 June 2017

SvATC exhibited at the 5th annual Flight Simulation Conference at the Sheraton Hotel at the Bradley Airport in Connecticut.

New Events Website - 5 June 2017

Our new events website SeattleVirtualATC.org/Events is up and running! This site provides a friendly way to see what's going on within the community!

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Please remember to spawn at PARKING, and not the RUNWAY.

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SVATC for Pilots

SVATC for Controllers

Online Aviation Community

Seattle Virtual ATC is a haven to pilots, seeing that a wide variety of operations occur within the area, between airliners at KSEA, Boeing flight tests, military operations, general aviation, and flight training!

Our well trained ATC staff provides a very realistic atmosphere for anybody who participates in the system.

We don't have many restrictions on aerobatics, or unrealistic operations either, provided you follow ATC instructions, basic rules, and don't bother others.

For our lesser experienced members, feel free to contact one of our pilot instructors for a short training session to get you quickly involved in the server!

Working air traffic in the Seattle Area is fun and complex, offering many benefits to both real world and aspiring air traffic controllers

We offer a top notch training program based off of real world air traffic procedures, and are in development of some really cool software!

Our online training programs are designed to minimize one on one lectures, and maximize your time on frequency working traffic. Most new controllers can begin issuing clearances to aircraft in the SVATC server after just one or two training sessions!

Seattle Virtual ATC is more than just a multiplayer flight server, but also a community of people who are all passionate about the aviation industry.

Many of our members are real world aviators who can offer great networking opportunities within the aviation industry. We also have several events focused on education, and improving your skills as an aviator.

SVATC often hosts multiple other community activities, like movie nights, and fun multiplayer competitions! Together, we're a community with real life friendships and many extra benefits.