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Seattle Virtual ATC Partners

The following list of communities, developers, or other entities have supported Seattle Virtual ATC in some way or another. If you decide to visit one of these partners, please help support SVATC by mentioning us if asked where you heard about said partner. Occasionally, events will be hosted which may include members from other partnered communities, promotions from partnered developers, and more. If you are a part of a community looking to partner with SVATC, please email info@seattlevirtualatc.org for partnership information.

FSX Competition Center

FSX Competition Center (FSXCC for short) is an organization currently utilizing FSX Steam Edition to host multiplayer landing compeitions. FSXCC pioneered the concept of multiplayer landing compeitions and has been hosting these types of events since August, 2011. Their mission is to create an exciting and competitive environment where aviation and flight sim enthusiasts can interact, improve as pilots, and showcase their skills to the world. The "top ten" from each competition are featured on the FSXCC scoreboard as well as their youtube channel.

SVATC may also have the opportunity to partner with FSXCC in order to provide a multi-simulator platform hosting solution for their compeitions with testing scheduled to begin Summer 2016. The FSXCC and SVATC staff have also been working together for many years now, with one of the SVATC administrators being the old Assistant Director of FSXCC.

FSFX Packages

FSFX Packages is a new way to simulate brand new effects around the different aircraft and scenery under interesting environmental conditions. Since most flight simulators don't come bundled with such realistic effects, we had to think out of the box to create this new sens of immersion. In addition to our generic package, and since every aircraft and scenery is different, we decided to develop addon-specific packages. This allows us to push the boundaries of what's never been seen before in terms of visual effects!

FSFX Packages and SVATC first met at FlightSimCon 2015 after which we have entered a somewhat informal partnership allowing SVATC to givaway free software curtosey of FSFX Packages! You will see a handful of givaways throughout different events, mostly landing competitions hosted on SVATC, which may soon extend to FSXCC competitions as well.