Welcome to Seattle Virtual ATC!
A fun sense of realism in flight simulation.

SVATC Pilot Corner

Welcome to the Seattle Virtual ATC Pilot Corner. This page is entirely geared towards the members. Let us know what you want to see here!

This page is currently under devleopment. Please stand by.

Primary tools that may be placed here are:

  • A place for pilots to submit proposed flight plans and organize group flights
  • An events overview (a full events calendar page will also be developed
  • Pilot of the Month listings
  • Member-created youtube videos
  • Other stuff you guys want! Send an email to webadmin@seattlevirtualatc.org to submit a request

Thinking about exploring real world aviation? Check out some of these links to get started!

  • Let's Go Flying! is a campaign from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (USA) to help new aviators find flight schools and get started in flight training.
  • We also recommend the AOPA Learn To Fly webpage. Make sure to sign up for 6 month free membership and magazine subscription!
  • The FAA Pilot Website has tons of more detailed information, particularly under the "Training" section to help get you started!
  • University of North Dakota Aerospace is home to the largest single civilian training fleet in North America. This is also where SVATC administrator Ben E. goes to school for Air Traffic Control.
  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is another prestegious aviation school, also specializing in engineering. This is where SVATC administrator Torrell B goes to school for Commercial Aviation.